Holiday Meal FAQ's

Frequently asked questions around holiday meal donations:

Q: Can I buy for a specific soldier at a base you serve?

A: Yes, please list contact info for that soldier and include at minimum their Name, Phone, Base and we will connect with them.  


Q: Do I have to list a specific soldier?

A: No, if you leave blank and select a location, we will add that meal to be delivered to that base with all other meals.  


Q: Who decides who gets a meal?

A: We work directly with base command, senior leaders and the chapel to help determine soldiers in need.  


Q: Do I have to pick up the meal or will it be delivered?

A: Due to the large number of orders, will deliver to a central pickup location, commonly the main exchange on base.  We can deliver directly to homes on base as well depending on schedules.  We will contact everyone for delivery locations and times closer to the day of delivery.


Q: My business would like to support; how can we help further?

A: We would love your additional support.  Email or call us to discuss further.